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Cyber Security Awareness Training for Healthcare Practitioners.

$50pp (12-month subscription)

AMA Insurance & FocusNet Technology have come together to provide a well-thought-out and easy-to-use cyber security training program for healthcare professionals.

The training platform offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for healthcare practitioners to develop their knowledge about the latest threats, best practices, and strategies to protect against cyber-attacks.

In today’s digital world, medical practices are increasingly becoming prime targets for cyber-attacks with healthcare topping the charts as the most targeted industry outside of the Government sector (ACSC Annual Cyber Threat Report 2021/2022).

As technology transforms the healthcare industry, practices are adopting electronic records, online communication channels, and interconnected systems, leaving them vulnerable to higher cyber risks. Just like a diligent healthcare provider prioritises preventive care, it is now imperative for practices to also prioritise robust cyber security preventive care.

The Cyber Security Awareness Training program is a comprehensive online platform providing knowledge and tools to help protect sensitive information from cyber threats. By combining educational resources, phishing simulations, cyber health checks and policy development assistance, the platform helps members safeguard data and foster a culture of cyber awareness.

Ready-to-edit cyber policy templates and checklists

Extensive library of training videos and material

Industry-leading phishing simulator

Human risk reduction reporting

Members can stay updated with the latest cyber security best practices, emerging threats, and preventive measures through video training modules.

Each lesson takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and contains a short, animated video followed by a set of questions and further reading on the topic.

Note for CPD Learners: These lessons are tracked, and you will receive a certificate after completing each module which can be uploaded to your CPD Home provider as evidence of completion.

Over 75 video training modules covering relevant cybersecurity topics

The platform offers additional features and benefits, especially for Practices as a whole.
These can count towards your CPD hours, however, the time spent, and relevant evidence will need to be self-managed.  

The Cyber Health Check is a set of 50 questions aligned with the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) and designed to provide a quick review of your current cyber risk posture. The result is a clearer picture of your vulnerabilities and areas that you need to improve to strengthen your overall cyber resilience.

The Cyber Security Business Toolkit is designed to help organisations establish and develop their very own robust cyber security policies and best practice standards. Guidance is broken into consumable sections so progress can be made over time and example policies and standards are downloadable and ready to be tailored for your own practice.

Cyber Policy Toolkit Includes

Cyber Security Overview

Covering cyber security basics and base policy documents every business should have.

Information Security

Action steps to define what information is important and how that information should be handled.

Authentication Security

Steps to review and implement strong/robust authentication security for all systems and staff.

Network and WiFi Security

Actions to ensure that your networks are configured and maintained with cyber security considerations.

Email Security

Actions to ensure the company’s email security is robust and defends you from the most common threats.

Software Security

Actions to ensure that software and operating systems are configured and maintained to ensure security.

Internet Security

Secure your web browsers, and implement controls to ensure safe internet usage by all staff.

Website Security

Actions to ensure the security and availability of your website environment.

Device Security

Actions to ensure that your company’s devices are safe both in and out of the office.

Anti-Virus Protection

Actions to review and implement best practice endpoint protection and management.

Removable Media

Ensure that all staff have an understanding of the risks of removable media and safe behavior.

Regulatory Requirements

Actions to ensure you operate within applicable local and international privacy/security regulations.

Remote Working

Actions to ensure staff are aware of safe behavior and systems are set up correctly for remote connection.

Disaster Recovery

Actions to test and implement a robust and reliable disaster recovery system.

Incident Response

Process to ensure, that should an incident occur, you have a clear course of action to follow.

Security Awareness

Actions to address your human cyber risk and foster a cyber aware culture.

Operational Security

Actions to ensure that your operational team has resources and procedures to be cyber safe.

Policy Library

Actions to ensure you have clear, meaningful policies to address and reduce your cyber risk.

Phishing simulations are designed to safely replicate real-world attacks to assess and improve your organisation’s defense against social engineering. Through tailored campaigns sent each month, you can track user responses, identify the risky behaviours of people in your organisation and gain actionable insights to boost cyber resilience.

Please note: Phishing Simulations can only be set up for email accounts with a business domain name.

Powerful reporting showing continuous improvement, ROI, benchmarking, engagement and measurable reduction in human risk.

By combining educational resources, practical simulations, cyber health checks and policy development assistance, the CyberSecurity Awareness Training platform equips you with valuable insights to help safeguard your practice and establish a culture of cyber awareness.  

To gain access to the Cyber Awareness Training Program, each user is required to sign up for a 12-month subscription to the platform.

Payments are received by Credit Card through the SecurePay (Australia Post) payment gateway.

Price is a per-user cost for 12 months, inclusive of GST.

To sign up for the program simply click the button below. On the next page, you will be able to select how many users you would to subscribe to the Program.

Our Cyber Security Training Program offers a seamless and user-friendly experience, allowing CPD Home members to effortlessly sign up and actively engage in the program’s online learning.

Sign Up

To subscribe to the Cyber Security Training Program, click the ‘Add to cart’ button above and on the following page, enter the number of users you are signing up for the program. Then click on the ‘Proceed to checkout’ button.

Complete the order for your subscription(s) by filling in the contact details and your Credit Card details in the SecurePay form. To confirm the order click the ‘Place order’ button.

Set Up

After receiving your payment, our team will contact you directly via email to request the necessary details to configure the training platform.

Please Note: If you are signing up multiple learners, additional steps may be required to complete the configuration.

Getting Started

Once the platform has been configured and the learner(s) have been imported, a welcome email will be sent to introduce the program and to provide access to the training dashboard.

At this point, the schedule for the training will begin, and the first 2 modules will be sent to the learner.


All activity on the training platform is tracked and reportable.

At the end of each month, the learner(s) progress report is generated, and the certificates of completed activities will be sent to each learner which can be uploaded to the CPD Home provider as evidence of your completed CPD hours.


Towards the end of the 12-month subscription, you will receive an email notice asking if you would like to renew your subscription to the training platform.

After renewal is processed, access to the platform remains available and all progress is retained.

Cyber Security Awareness Program is brought to you by FocusNet Technology & AMA Insurance.
For more information, please reach out to us at